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Amore Pacific Tailored Solution Mask Commercial Development

아모레퍼시픽 테일러드 솔루션 마스크 상용화 디자인 및 프로그램 개발

레드닷 디자인컨셉 어워드 2019 Winner 수상작︎

Award Winner
CES Innovation Award 2020 Honoree
Red-Dot Design Concept 2019 Winner

Amore Pacific Inc.

2019. 1. - 5.

Work Scope
Mask Shape Design
Auto Fabrication Program Development

Sheet masks are easy-to-use, cheap and have excellent skin improvement effects compared to other cosmetics products. There is a recent trend of one-mask-a-day that has become a daily routine among Asian women who take skin care with sheet mask. As such, sheet masks have become popular, but due to the standardization of conventional products for the convenience of mass production, many cannot reflect the unique skin characteristics and facial shapes of actual users.

IOPE TAILORED SOLUTION is designed to provide customers one-and-only customized mask that perfectly complies with the unique skin characteristics and facial shape of each customer. IOPE TAILORED SOLUTION is an experiencing service that instantly produces and supplies with the world-first personalized 3D printing facial mask by combining new technologies such as facial measuring technique, mask drawing programs and 3D printer with accumulated skin diagnostic knowhow.
IOPE TAILORED SOLUTION is made in the following process.
First, the skin diagnostic devices analyze skin characteristics of a customer in each area and allocate the ideal cosmetics ingredients to each section of the mask. Then, by using a smart phone, the facial shape measured 3D is reflected to draw the most ideal mask shape for the customer. Lastly, the mask drawn to perfectly fit the customer’s face by using only the selected cosmetics ingredients without any other components is produced on site by using the dedicated 3D printer. Customers can get their own tailored mask in just one visit to the store, and even get it shipped anytime based on their stored data. 

이 연구는 주식회사 아모레퍼시픽의 연구비 지원을 받아 수행되었음.
This research has been supported by the AMOREPACIFIC CORPORATION.