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Crop and Drag

run on gitlab ︎

HEAVY, a female artist magazine, means weighing a lot in English, but in Japanese it means snake. So, HEAVY's logo has the shape of a crawling snake. For HEAVY exhibition held in June 2020, we worked on space installation and some interactive art. We tried to fuse the image of the artist's work with the shape of a crawling snake in various ways in all works.
As one of the interactive art made for the exhibition, the focus of the artwork on this page was on drawing the shape of the snake from the artist’s work image itself. When a part of the image is cropped and dragged, a crawling snake's shape is revealed in the image. Repeatedly cropping and dragging various part in the image, users can transform the image in a fun way.

three.js, verb.js
Jun 19, 2020