Heavy Magazine pop-up

Space installation and interactive art projects for
female artist magazine HEAVY ’s pop-up exhibition that held in June 2020

Heavy means weighing a lot in English, but in Japanese it means snake. So, Heavy's logo has the shape of a crawling snake.
We tried to fuse the image of the artist's work with the shape of a crawling snake in various ways in all works.

Heavy Magazine
Future society, Seoul
Work Scope
Interactive art
Exhibition Design
2020. 5 - 6.

Heavy crawls


In the main work screened through a large monitor, we wanted to visualize the movement of the audience moving around the exhibition hall in the shape of a snake crawling.

We separated the silhouette of the visitors and the background gallery from the real-time video shot. We projected the artwork images of the artists in the heavy magazine on the silhouette part of the visitors.
Because the silhouette remains in a place like an afterimage for a certain period, if a visitor moves around, the image of the work appears in the shape of a crawling snake on the visitor's circulation.

Heavy is snake 

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Heavy crop & drag

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Ballooned snake 

Air bounce bench

photo & video @qinxione

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