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Interactive art for online exhibition

Invited Artist
김지민, 문승연, 소윤경, 이명애, 이수지,
장현정, 차정인, 한병호, 한샛별, 한성민
Host / Organaizer
Work Scope
Interactive art
Exhibition planning / design
Exhibition Period
2020. 12. 20. - 2021. 2. 14.

︎︎︎ Lee Suzy. Line

︎︎︎ Jang Hyunjung, Mem

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The main works of 10 invited artists were implemented as interactive art content, allowing visitors to enjoy a new experience connected to them. Through collaboration with the artists, each content has been designed to help visitors feel and discover the theme by playing with the work. Anyone can play these artworks anytime using mobile phones, tablets, and PCs wherever the Internet is available.

The copyright of all paintings belongs to the artists who painted them, and the copyright of all interactive art contents belongs to @commoners.

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