Heavy Magazine pop-up

Space installation and interactive art projects for 
female artist magazineHEAVY’s pop-up exhibition that held in June 2020

Heavy is a female artist magazine, and its logo looks like a snake because its pronunciation is very similar to the word へび(hebi) in Japanese. We intended to show the artworks in a different way by fusing the shape of snakes.

Heavy Magazine
Future society, Seoul
Work Scope
Interactive art
Exhibition Design
Exhibition Period
2020. 6. 22 - 6.29.

In this interactive installation, the artworks are projected onto the movements and trajectories of the audience. The artworks are revealed on screen only by the movements of visitors, and they are shown completely when the trajectories of several audiences are gathered. Visitors become a component of the exhibition, not just a viewer, and change the exhibition hall and the installation.

Heavy is snake (web app)

When the user touches the screen, simplified with a 3d geometry snake slides along the curve with artworks projected. The snake's movement consists of a Bezier curve produced by mathematically calculating the position touched by the user.

Heavy crop & drag (web app)

‘Crop & Drag’ is a web app that allows users to crop and drag parts of the artwork images to create a new layer of themselves. The application encourages viewers to actively participate and intervene in the work.

At the center of the exhibition hall, we installed a snake-shaped air tube bench of 60 centimeters in diameter and 6 meters in length. Just as Heavy simultaneously implies the opposite characteristics of heaviness and freedom(just as a snake moves) from its name, this huge bench visually presses down massively on space, but when all the air is emitted, it is light enough to lift with one hand.
The air tube bench fills the exhibition room without overwhelming the magazine that is the main character of the exhibition, shows Heavy's identity visually, but is logically suitable when placed in the exhibition hall, and is easy to remove and reuse.

photo & video @qinxione

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