Lip Factory by Color Tailor Smart Factory System

The world's first factory system for lip makeup color customization

Too many colors, too many textures, always make it hard to choose just perfect lip makeup. Using AI aided app and customized lip makeup pigment dispenser, "Lip Factory" suggests the best lip color for each customer and produce customized makeup in the desired color immediately. Commissioned by "Amorepacific", we were invited to give a creative and art direction and concept design for the service flow and UI of the app.

Amore Pacific Inc.
2020. 9. - 10.
Work Scope
Creative and Art Direction
Service Design
UX/UI Design

The distinguishing factor of the lip makeup market, which accounts for a quarter of the $72.2 billion global color makeup market, is its rapid shift in trend. Manufacturers propose the latest lip makeup trends and releases limited products, but customers may have difficulty choosing the products they need.
The smartphone app Color Tailor uses AI to suggest the best lip color through skin tone and survey. Lip Factory, a lip makeup pigment dispenser, can produce customized makeup in the desired color immediately. Lip Factory by Color Tailor is the world's first smart factory system capable of customizing lip makeup.

Before commoners participated in this project, both technology and design of the dispenser  and the service were already fully developed and commercialized exclusively by Amore Pacific.
You can experience this service at Amore Pacific's store (Amore Seongsu) in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

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