Picturebook :
play and link

An online interactive art exhibition with 10 Korean picture book artists

Picturebook: Play and Link is an online exhibition held as part of 'Seoul Design Week 2020', with the theme of picture books, and designed to provide visitors with a new experience with picture books by transforming the works of ten invited artists into interactive art.

All of the interactive art presented in this exhibition was designed in collaboration with the artist so that the audiences can discover and deeply feel the themes of the artist's original works.
Since the exhibition was hosted when offline exhibitions were not possible due to Covid-19, we produced four DIY kits that the audience can make at home and five interview videos about picture books directly explained by the invited artists.
일상의 예술, 그림책 전은 서울디자인위크2020의 일환으로 그림책 작가 10인의 주요 작품을 열 개의 인터랙티브 아트 콘텐츠로 구현해 관람객이 작품과 연결된 새로운 경험을 즐길 수 있는 온라인 전시입니다.

이 전시에서 공개한 모든 인터랙티브 아트는 작가와의 협업을 통해 작가의 원작 속 주제를 새롭게 발견하고 느낄 수 있도록 기획했습니다.

Covid-19로 인해 오프라인 전시회가 불가능한 시기에 진행된 전시인 만큼 인터랙티브 아트 이외에도 관람객이 집에서 직접 만들어볼 수 있는 DIY 키트 4종과 작가들이 직접 들려주는 그림책에 관한 다섯 개의 인터뷰 영상을 함께 제작하였습니다.

Invited Artist
Kim Jimin 김지민, Moon Seungyeon 문승연, So yunkyung 소윤경, Lee Myungae 이명애, Lee Suzy 이수지, Jang Hyunjung 장현정, Cha Jungin 차정인, Han Byeongho 한병호, Han Saetbyeol 한샛별, Han Sungmin 한성민
Host / Organizer
Seoul Metropolitan Gov. 서울특별시
Seoul Design Foundation 서울디자인재단
DDP 동대문디자인플라자
Picturebook Association 그림책협회
Korea Publishers Association  대한출판문화협회
Work Scope
Interactive Art
Exhibition Planning / Design
Web Design / Dev.
Exhibition Period
2020. 12. 20. ~ 2021. 2. 28.
https://play-link.gitlab.io (kr)
https://play-link.gitlab.io/en.html (en)
https://abroad.sibf.or.kr/ (Korean Pavilion in Bologna Children’s Book Fair)

Before creating ten interactive art pieces, we thought about which aspect of the artist's work or subject matter to capture and transform into a new artwork through individual interviews with the invited artists. 

Via the interactive arts, users can run through paper-cut African grasslands, walk through forests scattered with letters, skate on ice slabs engraved with drawings, and encounter crowds constantly walking on yellow lines.

Kim Jimin, 《 Hide and seek 》 2017
Moon Seungyeon, 《Yellow, blue, red, color the world》 2020

So Yunkyung, 《A dancing skeleton》 2020
Lee Myungae, 《It will be sunny tomorrow》 2020

Lee suzy, 《Line》 2017
Jang Hyunjung, 《Mem》 2015

Cha Jungin, 《Modern space》 1997
Han Byeongho, 《Mother’s island》 2020

Han Saetbyeol, 《Sleep》 2020
Han Sungmin, 《A quiet night》 2018

In the interviews, the invited artists and the first president of Picture Book Association will talk about art and picture books. You can find various and detailed stories about the picture book through five series, including what picture books are, what kind of people are picture book writers, and how picture books are made with what materials.
Since all the videos were filmed in the actual studio where artists make their picture books, viewers can see the scene where picture books are made more vividly. At the same time, you can appreciate the main works right there.

Han Sungok (1st President of Picturebook Association)
Picture book writer 1
Moon Seungyeon, Lee Suzy, Lee Myeongae

Picture book writer 2
Han Byeongho, Cha Jungin, Jang Hyunjung
Kim Jimin, Han Sungmin, So Yunkyung, Han Saetbyeol
Hansol Education, AONE CTP, Ejen D&P, Hyundae Bookbinder

DIY Kit based on the works of the artist

Jung-in Cha's A Piece of string is a book in which all pages are connected by a single string. Children can make their own picture books in which the story and drawings follow the thread that runs through every page of the book.

Byungho Han's Acrobatic Wood Toy is an assembly toy composed of wooden character silhouettes. Children can make their toys by sanding wooden pieces, assembling them with thread, and drawing on the wood parts.

The copyright of all paintings belongs to the artists who painted them, and the copyright of all interactive art contents belongs to @commoners.

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