Seoul Motor Show 2019
Ssangyong Booth Winner

At the corners of the numerous cubes on the floor and ceiling in the exhibition hall runs light. Just as the concept of the C300, unveiled for the first time at the Seoul Motor Show 2019, is connected, the flow of light connects space and visitors.  Commissioned by and co-worked with "D Concierz", we designed Ssangyong Motor's exhibition booth selected as the winner at a public competition and constructed in 2019.

Competition Winner
Seoul Motor Show 2019 Ssangyong Booth
Ssangyong Motors Inc.
Lead Designer : D* Concierz
Direction & Planning : Hancomm.
Execution & Construction : Rishiyagi

Work Scope
Booth Concept Design
Exhibition Period
2019. 3. 29. - 4. 7.

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