Pixel Text

interactive art / program dev

All the letters on the screen are above the bitmap pixels. The character follows the logic of the vector at the moment it is created, but it has to pass through the bitmap to be visible, which means that the final form of the letter depends on the situation, such as the device or resolution setting.

Pixel text is a website that allows users to view immediately while manipulating the conditions such as typographic variables and resolution, such as font type and thickness, as well as what type of difference occurs when pixelated. Operation results can be downloaded as jpg and SVG files.

This artwork has been selected for ORGD TQTC 2020 exhibition.

Dazzling Fluid

interactive art / web design & dev

Through the constant flow of completely melted metal jewelry, we visualized the jewelry brand Dazzling Club's brand identity toward fashion that anyone can enjoy regardless of gender or age. Anyone can experience and play this artwork on the intro page of the Dazzling Club official website.


interactive art / web design & dev

Words-particles that freely roam two-dimensional spaces become closer or farther from each other, creating linear patterns and clusters.

Seoul-based architecture studio platform Architects believes that various architectural expressions are possible in a way that architectural keywords that form the identity of the studio are organically connected and dismantled. We visualized their architectural mindset with interactive art.

Experience this artwork on the intro page of the official website.

Heavy Magazine: pop-up

interactive art / installation / exhibition

Heavy is a female artist magazine, and its logo looks like a snake because its pronunciation is very similar to the word へび(hebi) in Japanese. We intended to show the artworks in a different way by fusing the shape of snakes.

In this interactive installation, the artworks are projected onto the movements and trajectories of the audience. The artworks are revealed on screen only by the movements of visitors, and they are shown completely when the trajectories of several audiences are gathered. Visitors become a component of the exhibition, not just a viewer, and change the exhibition hall and the installation.

Tailored Solution

program dev / parametric / service design / UX & UI

The one-and-only customized mask perfectly complies with the unique skin characteristics and facial shape of each customer. IOPE TAILORED SOLUTION is an experiencing service that instantly produces and supplies the world-first personalized 3D printing facial mask by combining new technologies such as facial measuring technique, mask drawing programs, and 3D printer.

Commissioned by "Amorepacific", we designed and executed this software and service through more than two years of research and development.

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